Are we really listening?


Not all people, of course, but from casual observations made on social media and by witnessing actions that demonstrate emotional response and reactions; we’re not necessarily listening, understanding or caring what else is going on when we allow ourselves to be sucked into the temptation to judge and criticize. We have become so judgmental and opinionated of others and it doesn’t matter if we know this person or not, just because they dress a certain way, we will assume, judge, criticize; gain some kind of warped sense of knowing that is biased.


No one person is completely perfect. Not you, not me, not your partner, not your children, your siblings, etc. We think we are hurting no one when we cast judgments about others, when the person we are truly hurting is the person we need to be respecting and loving before all others: That person, is ourselves. How a person dresses is no indication on how they think about the world around them or even how they think of themselves. The only ones who stoop to such low levels of thought is the person assuming the where, what and how of a person without ever speaking to them.


We have become more selfish and shallow thanks to the advancement of technology and the availability of information coming to us 24/7. We don’t have to be like this. We do have the choice to not be tempted to judge, to assume, to offer opinions that have no merit and any other actions our thoughts bring us to that are more harmful than good. Just because we may not speak what we say to the person we are judging doesn’t mean the energy of our low energy thoughts, and feelings don’t touch others around us. It is sometimes shocking in our ‘great time of awakening’ that so many people are still unaware of their own actions and how even unspoken thoughts and feelings can create a ripple effect to areas and to people we do not know.


Every person that shares our beautiful planet are individuals and have their own issues, their own ways of dealing with things, their own ways and beliefs. It is not our responsibility to thrust our beliefs and ways onto others. Our responsibility is to ensure that we step forward into each new day responsible for our own selves and for our own thoughts, feelings, intentions, words, actions and choices. We cannot in anyway think we are bringing about a peaceful world when we are so busy casting judgments on others… how hypocritical of us. To want a peaceful, loving coexistence with others we need to apply peace, joy and happiness into our own lives and remain in the here and now.


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