Awed by season’s first snow

Taken today, 2016-12-11


Watching the soft snow fall all around me, I have no animosity, so sadness or fear.

What I do have is a vast amount of joy that unimaginably climbs to higher and brighter levels as each flake of snow falls from the clouds.


The wind briskly blows the snow here and there, filling the open space nearest to me with excited energy. It’s as if Asgard’s king, the AllFather Odin is right here beside me along with Frigg, his beloved wife.


As I continue to embrace and inhale the heady energies that this first snow brings, I hear clearly a man’s voice where there is no one but myself saying, “Enjoy my dear, this bright gift we give to you.” On this cold, snow-filled day, I felt warm, secure and safe.


I am grateful for all the many moments I have telepathic conversations with the gods every day and the many astral and visual gifts they bring my way knowing I will know flat whatever it may be, that nothing is ever one-sided. I know that the Asgard gods and goddesses require no utterance of gratitude and/or appreciation. They do not require us, you or me to submit or to surrender in order to show loyalty and trust. I know well that the Norns are busy weaving their string of Fate, even as I write this little note because they have showed me the silvery shine of the thread’s fluidness as they do what they do best. “The Norns are named Urd (That-Which-Is), Verdandi (That-Which-Is-Becoming), and Skuld (That-Which-Should-Be).” Found here:


Isa the rune was here with me during this sharing of new, fresh snow energies and my time spent in the company of Odin and Frigg. It’s the perfect rune for this time internally and externally of me. I appreciate its message and I am listening to its perfect stillness. I have a difficult time putting descriptions into my own words, unless I am absolutely certain, but I found this definition to the rune, Isa to be more like how I feel when I think of Isa, and this meaning resonates with a deeper part of me that has been receiving rune magic and energy for years: “Like the infinitely slow-moving glacier, the force of the rune Isa is unstoppable. All you require when this rune is found in a reading is that rarest of virtues, patience.” This meaning of Isa was found here:


Thanks and many blessings to you and your loved ones.


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