My Tree Kin

My Tree Kin


Every morning I am blessed to be near these two trees that have managed to grow through a fence. I have become quite acquainted with them and their spirits. As each leaf fell during our most recent Fall, I spoke to them, and kept them company. When I blend myself into their naked branches in the mornings; which I call arms, I feel warmth where others would find dullness. It seems that I am able to mold into their slim branches without harming them or myself…the spirits are gentle yet playful at times… like a playful friend whom I haven’t seen for awhile.


When I was a child, long after I began experiencing my first visions of creatures beyond this realm with my eyes wide opened; I wanted to be a dryad. That’s a tree spirit to those who do not know. I believe that everything has a presence and spirit. Some are louder than others, but nonetheless, they are there if one truly opens their heart enough to discover them and to feel, listen and meld with the energy that is many times subtle, always there.


Every morning I gently caress a different branch as if it and I were more connected than mere human and tree. I know these trees, not just as trees or spirits that with my mundane eyes I cannot see, but as brothers and sisters, or a kin I have not known of before now. The job I have has me outdoors each and everyday regardless of what the weather is like. I make sure the children that greet me are crossed safely so they may get to school and back home again. It is during these times that I work on the bond with these trees. When the day comes and I get relocated, I will, no doubt miss them. Thankfully that day will not come for quite some time. So, that means I have plenty of time to bring in the coming seasons with them. At this point, I do not think I have any pictures of them other than what is in my memory but I plan on taking some today.


Even now, where I sit in my home, is about two miles from the fence these two trees grow through, I still feel their gentle, warm energy. I look forward to being with them in the morning.




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