Contemplate Our Intention

Contemplate Our Intention

Sakyong Mipham recommends that as we sit down to meditate, we contemplate our intention for the session. Our intention might be to strengthen the natural stability of mind by training in continually coming back to the body, to our mood right now, and to our environment. Or our intention might be to make friends with ourselves, to be less stern and judgmental as we meditate, so we might train in noticing our tone of voice when we label and lightening up and not being too tight or goal oriented in our practice. Our intention might be to let go and not hold the breath tightly as if it were a life raft, not cling to our thoughts, not believe our story lines. We might intend to acknowledge thoughts as they arise and train in letting them go. Our intention might be to train in all of these—or in something different altogether, something that is particularly important to us.

Excerpted from:
Living Beautifully
with Uncertainty and Change
page 49


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