Contentment is possible



Learning to maintain a relaxed heart and mind is essential, though not always easy. The more we tighten up due to frustration, fear or any other kind of upset, we become more susceptible to numerous kinds of negativity. It is important to find time in our busy schedules to take little personal breaks; even if the breaks are mere minutes in length, in order to clear our mind. During our personal breaks we could do some stretches, practice deep breathing, turn our focus to the still and wise trees, or watch the birds frolic in the sky and smile.


Where you find reasons that make you frown, there are just as many reasons for you to smile. When you are ready to return from your break, you will be present and refreshed. All that is going on in our lives is temporary, nothing is permanent. Knowing that nothing really is as it appears, allows our minds to become more flexible towards others, the world and just as important; towards ourselves. Consideration and appreciation ought to be remembered often during our busy lives, especially when we are making choices that will impact our current direction. Don’t be stiff going through life. Life doesn’t owe you, you owe life to live the best you can within the means most possible. Don’t grieve over what you don’t have, but rejoice in what you do have. Allow yourself to enjoy life contentedly.



Julie Miller


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