Musings on Eostre

saffron crocus


Musings on Eostre


I’m probably, without a doubt, the least active heathen and that’s okay. I don’t require to create blots in order to leave offerings and heartfelt gestures towards any god or goddess.
Maybe I feel this way because I’ve sat at my altar so often over the years that I’ve learned the only magical space I need is wherever I am and my offerings may not be special, but I share what I have to the wights and deities that I’ve been working with or who I can sense are with me. And they appreciate my simple-ness and honesty. I am a deeply spiritual person with deep connections to the spirits and with the realm that they are often found.
Eostre is a quiet time. My children are past the age to hunt for eggs and since dinner is usually just myself and my son, I no longer cook elaborate meals and desserts. My daughter goes with her father to his mother’s house for every holiday. It’s good for her but for me, I often feel tired and lonely. I’m tired cause I suffer from many musculoskeletal issues that the constancy of their painful presence tires me. However, even with my son here, I still feel lonely. I don’t like sharing my burdens and concerns with him simply because I don’t want him to worry.
When my parents were alive we would have huge meals. Unfortunately they’ve been dead longer than my children have been alive. Eostre and other celebrated holidays can be stressful for me. My children are the only nearest family that I have. We (my son and I) never get invited anywhere and no one ever stops by just to say hi. So it’s easy for me to feel lost and heavy-hearted.
So, I’m spending my day between resting and mundane chores. I’m trying hard not to think too hard about things or investigate sightings and visions during this time. I’ll save communicating with the spirits for another day…perhaps tomorrow.


I might come back later to share more of my musings, but until then I wish that the elements of the season bring you joy that can be reciprocated to others that are dear to you.


Eostre Blessings,



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