If I were a tree

A golden and green canopy greeting

If I were a tree


O, to be a tree, I’d like to be a tree….perhaps a large, leafy tree like a maple, or maybe something prickly like a pine.


I would have birds and small animals making homes on my branches and even in my truck to keep warm and raise a family.


As a tree I would make sweet music when the wind ruffles my branches.


When the cold of winter comes, I would have a nice long sleep until the rays of the sun begins warming my sap which travels up from my roots, reaching back into my many limbs so I may grow leaves, needles and cones once again


I think I would be a great tree. I would provide shelter from the sun’s blistering Ray’s and light cover from the snow and rain. By being a tree I would demonstrate how being still is a good thing and that sometimes humans ought to be still in all manner and ways.


When it is cold and icy, I will still be standing tall, not fretting over mundane things like the weather, or worrying about ‘what-if’ possibilities. Because, as a tree I know through my stillness, life still flows. And if one day I die, I would have dropped thousands of seeds that would have been scattered with the winds help, which would have found places to root and grow strong and still…like me.


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