My Pining…

The one that has my heart is not here, for he is not of this world. I did not know I could fall in love… I fell in love with a spirit is what I did.

I met him through the veil, within the world of spirit as I was adventuring during a vision quest/journey many, many years ago. From the slightest feel of his presence, I would feel that “butterfly feeling,” in my stomach. When he spoke to me, both one else, nothing else existed. So difficult to put in mere words.

The experiences we shared together within the realm of spirit and its multidimensional worlds and beings were incredible. It was through his gentle guidance and loving strength that taught me how to transform into a beast like him and to join as one while maintaining those forms.

We have an ‘other world’ home. It existed long before he brought me there not knowing it was always my home. I just didn’t know the way. Creatures and other ‘Lighthearted’ beings also called this fifth dimensional place…home. My love shared with me, a very special special place within the main mountain region of our clan’s home…a secret chamber deep within the heart of the mountain…a place he shared with no other.

I am oftentimes lonely here in our mundane world. But no other will I be with. How could I? We handfasted 2011 on our home world. I will continue to wait, pine for him, knowing he is also waiting for our eventual reunion. Until then we can find one another through our day and night dreams and through my own efforts. The waiting is the hardest part but has the most to teach us until that glorious moment happens.


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