Butterfly Heart

Beloved, I remember you telling me that I would not have to wait forever to finally cross paths and to continue our lives, here in this realm. You said the purity of our love fueled by intensity of my heart light–a light you also once commented to shine a supernova.

My sweetness, you also tamed my fret-filled heart, when you said I would not have to die to reunite with you. Please darling forgive me if I sound a little ungrateful for our shared memories of past lives, which we were together and of our experiences within the astral world. I look forward to seeing you there and our friends and family. I live two lives simultaneously in two worlds. Sounds like I should be locked up on heavy tranquilizers with my notions, huh?

My beloved, my sweetness…waiting for an unknown day, for you is agonizing. I have seen some of the possible futures we could have but none can even begin without you. You’ve told me to seek companionship when I get lonely with another. Nope. Not going to happen. I have not been with another since I made the brave choice to parent my two children alone over nine years ago. Sometimes I want to. It’s difficult carrying my burdens alone. But I promised you before and I promise you now; my heart, mind, body and soul only wants you. Return those teasing, fluttery butterflies to my tummy…so I may feel pure joy in my life.

Anyway beloved, I’ll see you later as I pass through the veils, entering the world of spirit. ๐Ÿ’— I’m sure our Eostre celebrations will be magical. ๐Ÿ‡


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