Added to the cauldron

Perhaps I do have a wee bit of anger issue,
…’tis specially when it comes to you.

A beautiful child we created. No issues here with that.
you were left due to your disrespect of my child whom I was already a family with.
Oh, the crap you began pulling, once our beautiful girl was becoming more mobile.
How hurtful you were to my boy’s young, impressionable mind. How, as of yet
you still do not acknowledge.

Your sick attitude, because he’s not of your blood, he doesn’t get the same attention,
or love.
I thought, as you age, you wouldn’t keep acting so stupid, yet you proved me wrong again.

Oh yes, I can be naïve, but I think it’s more like, I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt,
even to idiots like you.

You have learned to prey on our daughter’s emotional health, as fragile as it is to your benefit.
Sure, your health is not the greatest, yet you are still able to function, nearly the same.
But, no way is she permitted to any sports or activities that would take her from the home,
…sure, the home you provided without making her feel guilty.
“What if” plays on her mind like a sickness.
That’s unfair. It is not her fault if something happens to you, while she is at school, or while you are at work sir. That too, is unfair.

We were to split her time 50/50, but it really has never been that.
Somehow throughout the years, I was blind-sighted to seeing her go to you more often.
How proud you must be of yourself. Teaching her that since I already have one child,
one child still home with me, then it’s okay for her not live here.
Why ever should the mother get to have both children living with her? (sarcasm)
See, you forgot that my boy is soon going to fly, leave home.
Now that I think about it, you didn’t forget, you simply don’t care.
Oh, I will be fine, but what then? Hmm, you’re a jackass.
My son is worried about me, who will watch over me after he leaves.
You are not the only one with poor health.
The difference here idiot is I refuse to make my children feel guilty over that fact.
Mom is stronger that you think.

What I envision of you, is your head thrown into a cauldron of boiling water, combined with oil.
I watch the skin on your face blister and peel. I do not feel sorry for you.
You are the sole source of my anger issue. And if I can feel better,
better by writing about it, then I will continue until I no longer wish your head to boil.


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