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August 24-2015-6

This ‘About me’ will change soon. 


Before we get a glimpse of my spiritual life, I am a mom to 2 children. I have no longer a mom or a dad; mom has been gone 20 years and my dad nearly 18 yrs. Neither of my children ever had the chance to know them. I have no relatives where I live within a 2000 mile radius. I am also a sexual assault survivor, therefore, I understand what suffering from within is. But I am surrounded constantly by the spirits of the Universe.


Thanks to the support of Universe and many Divine Beings, Gods and Goddesses, I have overcome many difficult situations such as sexual assault, and other forms of abuse at the hands of a partner. I no longer carry the pain of any past hurtful situation. I have learned through my devotion to the Universal Way, to my craft, my Eternal Partner and my Divine Purpose how to overcome these and regain my own personal inner power. By no way am I perfect, for no one person is.


The freedom I have gained through the perseverance I applied is great. I was never weakened, but I was strengthened with a fervor to always rise above. Difficult people enter our lives for very important reasons and sometimes they judge and assume they know me or criticize when in fact it is not me they are really judging it is themselves. I remember Wayne Dyer’s quote, “How a person treats you is their karma, how you react is yours”. This resonates with my heart and soul as truth for me.


I struggle with insecurities just like anyone else. I work every day on maintaining peace within me so everything around me is also peaceful… what a challenge this can be some days, but then I re-ground, dig in my heels and focus harder. I never go to my altar filled with attached emotion to any one thing. I go for the purpose of invocation, practice and healing on a different level.


People that choose to judge, they have not lived in my shoes, they do not know the horrors I have had to endure in this life and in others dimensions and past lives. I have no need to judge another, for I have not walked in their shoes. We, you and I are our own person. I love each and every person regardless of what transpired during our interactions and relations. The Universe provides us with many ways to let go and to move on healthily and positively.


My path has many twists and turns. I know exactly who I AM. And I have learned who I have been and much of what I have done and even knowing ALL that I have acquired ~ I AM that I AM.
And what I know is what I know through the many conversations I have with the Spirits of the Universe. I AM ME.


I rarely read fiction novels. I am usually in a contemplative state, focusing on breathing in and out a steady rhythm of peace into all I do. Whenever I do read, I read to clarify what my visions have come to show me or what a partial telepathic message could mean. I read from mostly Tao-based books when I do.


I do not follow any Christian God, but I have respect for all religions. I am a Norse Pagan, a goddess chosen shaman that has been groomed to be a modern Völva and Seidr of the Asatru way, and a channel and I practice druidism intermittently, in addition I practice the Tao. Years ago, through spiritual vision and conversation, I was blessed with having The Voice of Many for the channeling side of my spiritual journey. I have shared thousands of channeled messages over the years, but they have been dwindling greatly since the winter of 2014 due to health reasons. The spirits are not selfish.


Since then I have been diagnosed with multi-leveled Degenerative Disc Disease in every disc of my cervical spine as well as having Spondylosis, Osteoarthritis,  Radiculapathy of the cervical spine, and L’hermitte’s Sign. I have been told I have an old neck and that my condition will not get better, but worse with age and I am not yet 50 and I am not a favourable candidate for surgery due to the issues present at each level of my neck. I am in a great deal of pain, mostly nerve pain all day long, there is never a break from it. It is what prevents me from writing more. I suppose all of this is made a little worse by my Cerebral Palsy and Little’s Disease. I am blessed to say that my CP is not as bad as it could be as it only affects my coordination and balance when walking, especially long distances. I have compensated my whole life for the effects of this incurable disease until now.


I have had to apply for disability as I am right hand dominate and using my hand, even in typing something small or holding something light brings on burning, pins and needles, numbness and pain from my fingers, to my hand, then my wrist, forearm that radiates up into bicep, shoulder and back to my neck.


For the past several weeks (since February 2016), the nerve pain has moved or is including the nerves of the Occiput region, making the center part of my head, like a mo-hawk line of pain from the base of my skull to the top of my head. I did not realize this until my massage therapist was doing her thing and suddenly a wave of pain hit me. Until then I thought I was just having headaches, but these cause a different kind of headache, something called Cervicogenic Headaches. I try to get through my day as well as I can knowing my children need me and will help me if they can when I ask for it. I am in the process of waiting to have a Nerve Root Block done. This is in hopes to release my right arm and hand.


I live by the Golden Rule. There are many adaptions or variations of this. I take a bit from the Chinese view and Humanism approach of the Golden Rule. I have always lived by the Golden Rule and I use it with my teachings, shamanic and other areas that are a part of who I AM.


This little site, will not be a house for my channels, for they are already out in the World Wide Web. All that will be here will the Musings of my Heart….what the Universe has communicated through me in the form of written words.


.There is much more to add here and I will make updates from time-to-time.

May the both the Gods and Goddesses of Olde always walk beside you,

Julie Miller


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello Julie, My Healing journey had me intuitively saving channelled messages & spiritual blog posts from over a year or so ago. I read them when I am led to, so as to follow the priority of my Soul-Self Integration Pathway. I have just today read your Lady Nada message “Uncertainty as Wondrous Adventure 1-1-15” on the 5dAscensionNow.com site which when I clicked through I discovered has been closed. With a little internet surfing I was led to you here…… I’m guided to say => Thank you to you personally, for all that you have given to the Cosmic Order. I see from your about section here that your Body/Brain Consciousness is running from the past files of your existence, reflecting disease & stopping the full flow of your Greater I AM energies to be embodied here on Earth. I hope that you may be able to use the great Imagination Energies at your disposal to bring forth 5th Dimensional Health & Vitality into your form in this life. I send you Love, Light & Blessings from the many you have served & encourage you to serve yourself first…. As they say – Place your oxygen mask on first…. breathe in the strength & fortitude which is yours to receive beautiful light. xxx With gratitude & joy for the wonder of you, Megan Clark xxx


    1. Thank you dear one for your heart-felt message.
      I appreciate your gift, but I as well am a shaman, one that was chosen by the Goddess herself many moons ago.
      Through conscious breathing, mindful and walking meditation and the Goddess Eir, I have been able to release much of my own pain and discomfort from the diseases I am blessed to have. I do not see pain or suffering as a bad thing, just something that reminds me how alive I am and brings me so much closer to my AllFather. This is the week of Walpurgis. I am working deeper with the spirits at my altar and away from my altar, through our interactions so much is revealed to me. I breathe in their subtle, yet virtuous energies as if they were my own. The Gods and Goddesses that walk with me are my equals and I am honoured each time I am able to feel them and see them both in vision and not in vision for I am a Völva/seer as well and the spirits take me on many delightful rides.
      Thank you dear one for reading one of my many messages. I am deeply grateful for your contact.
      May the both the Gods and Goddesses of Olde always walk beside you.


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