January 31, 2017_Sunna peaking through the clouds Now Have you ever watched a bird, a cat or any other creature in action? If you ever find the time to truly observe their actions, you’d come quickly to the conclusion that they focus on the now moment. Even if their bellies are full of babies or eggs, … More NOW

Sowilo, the s-rune

Sowilo   Excerpt from, Futhark—A handbook of Rune Magic Written by, Edred Thorsson Chapter 2 pgs. 51-52     The S-rune is the archetypal sun and the light of that sun, symbolically expressed as the solar wheel. The concept of the turning wheel (ON hvel) is central to the understanding of the rune. This is … More Sowilo, the s-rune

The Oracle

The Oracle Originally published in SageWoman The Oracle by Diana L. Paxson Web Source: In the far north of the world a line of snow capped mountains runs down to an icy firth. Beyond them the land rolls away beneath the eternal glaciers of Greenland’s interior, pale under the starlight, gleaming when the aurora borealis … More The Oracle

What it Means to be a Bard Today by Philip Carr-Gomm

Druidcast – The OBOD Podcast [link was found here:    Welcome to the webpage for DruidCast – provided by the Order and downloaded over 1,000,000 times by April 2014! Produced monthly around the 20th of each month. Your host is Damh the Bard and each episode features poetry, story and song offered by Bards … More What it Means to be a Bard Today by Philip Carr-Gomm