Redirecting our focus

Complaining of the weather, something we are unable to control makes us sound shallow and self-centered. There are far greater issues, that are more deserving of our frustration than the weather. Is everything completely at a happy medium in our lives for us to direct our energy and focus towards the weather or are we … More Redirecting our focus

My Tree Kin

My Tree Kin   Every morning I am blessed to be near these two trees that have managed to grow through a fence. I have become quite acquainted with them and their spirits. As each leaf fell during our most recent Fall, I spoke to them, and kept them company. When I blend myself into … More My Tree Kin


January 31, 2017_Sunna peaking through the clouds Now Have you ever watched a bird, a cat or any other creature in action? If you ever find the time to truly observe their actions, you’d come quickly to the conclusion that they focus on the now moment. Even if their bellies are full of babies or eggs, … More NOW