My Tree Kin

My Tree Kin   Every morning I am blessed to be near these two trees that have managed to grow through a fence. I have become quite acquainted with them and their spirits. As each leaf fell during our most recent Fall, I spoke to them, and kept them company. When I blend myself into … More My Tree Kin


January 31, 2017_Sunna peaking through the clouds Now Have you ever watched a bird, a cat or any other creature in action? If you ever find the time to truly observe their actions, you’d come quickly to the conclusion that they focus on the now moment. Even if their bellies are full of babies or eggs, … More NOW

Heathen Spirituality

Editorials, Everyday Heathenry Heathen Spirituality About Räv Skogsberg Räv Skogsberg is a Swedish heathen and a goði for “Forn Sed Sweden”. He tends to focus on the melding of folklore and pre-Christian ideas and practices in a family and blotlag/hearth context. Räv believes in a here-and-now approach to a Heathenry that is eternally changing. Written … More Heathen Spirituality

The Ancestors as Bridges Instead of Barriers

Editorials, The Vulture’s Path The Ancestors as Bridges Instead of Barriers About Dagulf Loptson Dagulf Loptson has been a devotee of Loki and the Northern Powers for over 20 years. He is a tattoo artist, with a focus on devotional tattoos for polytheists, and is the author of Playing With Fire: An Exploration of Loki … More The Ancestors as Bridges Instead of Barriers

Barn Owl Broadside Asatru Means Faith, Not Hate About Stevie Miller Stevie Miller is an Urglaawer, spirit worker, artist, and author from Pennsylvania. She has been studying, practicing, and writing about Heathenry and related paths for over 20 years. Stevie blogs about Deitsch culture, language, and spirituality at Grundsau Burrow ( Written by Stevie Miller … More