My daughter …

my daughter and I

… my daughter, how beautiful and bright you are.
I wish you could see what I see when I look at you.

You are a gift from the gods.

You, sweetheart are the better part of me.
Sometimes I see so much of myself in you that it’s uncanny.
Maybe that’s why the salt occasionally flies when we get together. 😊

I respect you, I like you and I love you.
I emphasize how difficult it has been for you this year.

New ground began when you began secondary school and your senses became overstimulated.
The pressures of youths are far greater than when I was in school.
You my dearest daughter are so brave to face these pressures.
You often amaze me with the depth of your resolve.

Baby girl, don’t allow yourself to become lost in the fears of aloneness and helplessness….
…remember nothing is permanent…everything changes…people change. You can bring dynamic and vital change into their lives if you truly want it.

The changes and choices that you make daily may occasionally cause you to feel vulnerable.
Understand sweet daughter that vulnerability is a strength, never a weakness.
Make note; it takes great courage to admit you need help coping once in a while.
We all do.
Not one person is completely perfect.
We all have imperfections.
We, you, need to learn to love yourself just as you are.

That little, negative voice in your head is the ego.
It is imperative to learn to ignore it’s negative directions.
The ego can spread like an unwelcome virus if you allow it.
It can cause a person to believe the negative thoughts that suddenly pop up in your head. The ego can cause you to fret and to be fearful of change.
The ego will cause you to second guess yourself and/or harm yourself. Sometimes daughter you must just say no to yourself.
Say to yourself and repeat, “I love myself.”

My bright and beautiful daughter, don’t allow the darkness of the ego to win.
Kick that dark one to the curb.
Tell yourself every day that you deserve goodness in all things and know that you will succeed simply because you will it.

Know this my bright and beautiful daughter, the world, my world would feel as if the sun was blotted from the sky if you were no longer here.

You, sweetheart are a beacon of dynamic vitality and warm light.
Do not permit anyone or anything to make you feel less confident or less of your importance.

I thank the gods for my gift every day because they gifted me you.


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