Solace in the Darkness

Sitting in the dark I find some amount of solace. I feel the coolness of the air in the basement surround my socked feet and relish in it’s comfort and presence. Sometimes alone time is necessary. Sometimes I require sitting in darkness with my darkness and to allow myself to meld with it. Not as strange as one might think. It is the time most needed to go within ourselves and to shine a light on our darkness and embrace it. I welcome my darkness and make an effort to understand it and to work with it. Moments sitting in the dark with my own darkness is comforting. I am here by my own choice, at the same time I comprehend that I was called here by one of my guides.

I accept their knowing of what is meant for my betterment. The gods, the ones whom I speak with, work with and adore do not wish me harm. The only thing that wishes me harm or anyone harm is dankness of one’s thoughts. Sometimes negative thoughts get in our heads, my head and we can get stuck there. Witness the emotions, understand the feelings and learn better and how to apply that learning into every day life.

Don’t rush the learning. All our learning of ourselves will occur exactly when we should. If we rush through a situation, we pose the likeness of repeating the mistake until we wake up. That is never joy-filled. In the darkness of ourselves, we have the opportunity to uncover so much self-truth and actualization. If you feel drawn to a certain idea or thought pattern, take time to explore this and greet this time of growth with gratitude. I give thanks to the gods and to the beings of light that guide me many times throughout the day. Even if I cannot always see them, I know and can feel their presence. The darkness has taught me this and continues to teach me.


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