All life deserves respect, kindness and compassion

Night scene in the moonlight by_Fel_X


If you look at a tree, you see the external obvious; you see the many branches, leaves, needles, nuts, seeds, different shaped cones, maybe berries, and some trees have some of their roots above the earth. But we don’t see and what we often fail to remember is that these giant, silent teachers that move with the wind, started from a small, little seed.

The seed was nourished by the elements, but the combination of Earth, sun, air and water is not enough for a tree to grow tall successfully…it requires an essential component and that is the essence and energy of various sources, including the stars and the moon.

With every component working together, these combined energies help to integrate spontaneous growth and nourishes the opportunity of new life to reach up tall and mighty.

Every creature, person, plant, even pebbles and rocks carry energy, and their energy resonates from the various natural environments they are mostly associated with.

There are invisible seeds among us. They are in the rays of energy that originate from nature and the subtle essence of the Universe. It is vital to our evolution to respect each person that lives as our global neighbour, and bestow peace to all life forms, regardless of their appearance and recognize, like you and us, they are an essential part of the Universe; and like you and us, they are deserving of genuine kindness and consideration.


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