Permitting our Natural Wholeness to come forth



Have you ever seriously considered if it were possible to continually embrace complete oneness without feeling separated from any one thing including your mind and body?


Can you continue pure focused attention until your own dynamic energy has you feeling reborn?


Are you able to determine without a doubt if the vision of your inner self is crystal clear?


Are you able to love the people that are in your life and those that make up the rest of the population of Earth with no need for lofty feelings?


Life is all about doors opening and closing, and of life and death. With changes always imminent how possible is it for you to sustain balance of your feminine aspect when both your male and female energies are also changing?


What can be difficult when we finally attain clarity of mind is remaining unattached to things while maintaining an innocent outlook for life.


Giving birth is not just about bringing a child into the world. Giving birth is also about nourishing the newest development of you, me and we, while not wanting to possess anything, not even yourself.


When we remove ourselves from expectations unconditionally, we are then giving ourselves a noble gift. When we assist others it needs to come from the heart and without the need or want to control them. When we realize the depth of virtue, then we recognize the true importance of Unifying ourselves with the Universe.


We Can Liberate Ourselves


When we liberate ourselves from deceit, egoic wants, and duplicity we help attract a way of life that is better-ordered and meaningful.


Trusting the guidance of the Universal One, no matter if you call Him or Her the Creator, Krishna, Allah or any other name that refers to One Great Spirit, we are permitting the natural wholeness of our inner person to come forth with an empty mind, happiness of health and life, diminished egoic ambitions and a strengthening of spirit.


By choosing a Right way to live and be in all ways that is presented, we are not distracted by the confusion others may bring and there will be no confusion in our action, words or choices.


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