Allowing ourselves to become unstuck

Pretty petals within heart

When we find ourselves stuck, or going in the same circles, sometimes we find ourselves pushing harder to move forward. But you know you can’t fit a hex screwdriver into a square screw no matter how hard you try. But when it comes to life situations, and deciphering what we are to do next, we don’t always recognize that what we are doing is just not fitting the situation. And the more we keep pushing the wrong fit for the situation, the more exhausted we become and whatever results we were hoping for, don’t come.

Instead, when stagnation is recognized, give yourself some breathing room, step back and observe. Take in what is around you, including what is going on within you and see if you can recognize everything is like a surreal dream: where you envision the preferred goal and the determination that will bring you there. When you allow yourself to see from this state, you give yourself a most glorious gift…you find inspiration and creativity from the wonders of your imagination.

Then something magically occurs, new directions and ways find themselves to us. We are exhilarated to be moving forward once again…there is openness, freshness and flow. We fill light and liberated, and joy once again flows through our veins and whatever glue that made everything stagnant and stuck is dissolved and we discover we are once again, whole and flowing the beauty of harmony and with the subtle nature of the Universe.


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