January 31, 2017_Sunna peaking through the clouds


Have you ever watched a bird, a cat or any other creature in action? If you ever find the time to truly observe their actions, you’d come quickly to the conclusion that they focus on the now moment. Even if their bellies are full of babies or eggs, and they may build a nest or seek out a place to deliver their young, their focus in the current moment that they find themselves in.

Now if you observe the witch, necromancer, spell maker, etc., you’d also conclude that even though their actions are of the purpose of a future outcome; all that they do is in the present moment. All their thoughts, feelings, choices, even words are centered in the now moment; not yesterday and not directly in any tomorrow. In these situations and in many others, even if they’re not related will conclude a better outcome if we can manage our feelings and emotions and not permit feelings such as anger and resentment cloud our judgement.

Learning to let go of certain past interactions and situations can be one of the hardest things we humans must learn to do in consistent fashion and to not brood about a future that is not promised to anyone. The longer we allow negative past experiences to drain us and the longer we hang on to people that have left us or that are no good for us; the longer it will take us to savour in the freedom of just being. All those feelings of anger, frustration, regret, sadness, etc., needs to be accepted for what they are and then allow them to float on by instead of allowing them to control our actions, choices and words that cannot be undone once they are acted upon. The future is not certain, regardless how well we plan for it. Our actions of course always makes a difference as long as we don’t get too caught up in what was and in what could be, but instead apply our focus on what is NOW.

Every time I work with my stone runes and converse with the spirits, or enter the spirit realm, even if I am seeing the past, it is for gaining more knowledge and understanding of my NOW moment. The AllFather Odin and the ALLMother Frigg never fail to lend an ear or join in strength when required. For all my quests, invocations, evocations, and conducting of spells, my ability to focus 100% has always brought me success. I may not, though, reap my success right away, but when its’ meant to be, and not a moment before. One cannot rush life, nor magic. As a result; let us always embrace the NOW moment for it is all that we know and can control until the next moment rolls in.

Blessings ❤



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